Life is messy,
but diabetes does not have to be.

Cockpit makes your

data easy to understand at a glance.

Apple Health
All your data is presented in a human way.
Easy to understand
Built for CGM & Insulin delivery systems.
Perfect for loopers
Because your therapy is more than just blood sugar.
All your data in one place

Primary features

Overview of your day

The "Today" tab lets you understand your day at a glance. Quickly see your BG, Carbs, Insulin, and daily activity levels.


See your detailed stats up to 90 days in the past. Set up target ranges to keep track of your progress and easily spot changes.


Discover recent changes in your therapy and connect the dots between your decisions and their impact.


Understand your therapy better by discovering how your actions impact your glucose.

Yesterday’s summary

Get a summary of the most important changes in your metrics once per day.
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Integrates with

Get most out of your Apple Health data without any effort.
Apple Health
Easy one-click integration. Just use your server URL.
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What happens to my health data?
Your health data never leaves your device. We do not store, upload or share it with anyone.
Are we giving medical advice?
We are not giving therapy advice. If you consider changes to your therapy please talk to your doctor or care team.
Why are there no user accounts?
We believe in your privacy. For the current features that we have in the app, no user account is needed. 
How do I share feedback or request a feature?
Please feel free to share any feedback or idea with us using this contact form or the feedback button in the app settings. We are actively working to make the app better for you. 
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